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It’s that time of the week again when we round up last week’s greatest apps, tips and tweaks, and this is the part where you make yourself a nice, warm mug of Kashmiri tea, get comfortable and prepares yourself to start clicking through to all these amazing articles you missed during the busy workweek.

TheftSpy Is The Most Powerful Anti-Theft Remote Management Tool For Android We’ve Seen Yet


TheftSpy takes mobile anti-theft solutions for Android to the next level. In addition to your usual location tracking, remote data access / wiping, locking, rebooting, shutting down, etc., you get all sorts of amazing never-before-seen features like the ability to remotely take screenshots, take photos using front-facing camera, push full-screen pop-up alerts and toast messages, encrypt your data, read WhatsApp messages, record audio using device mic and a whole lot more! It’s absolutely nuts!

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Pixplit Is A Collaborative, Social Photo Collage App For iOS And Android


Pixplit is an interesting new app for mobile devices that allows you and your followers to collaborate on photo collages (which the app calls “splits”). You start with incomplete splits, share it with your followers so they can include a photo of their own to complete it. If done correctly, it creates some very interesting results.

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Popular Project Management Solution “Asana” Now Available For Android

Asana 15  Asana 08  Asana 2

Asana is one of, if not the most, popular project management solutions today. It acts as a sort of an advanced collaborative to-do list, which allows team members to list their tasks, update them and, consequently, keep your whole entire team in the loop. Asana for Android allows you to perform these tasks on the go.

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AGTweaker Lets You Customize Aero Glass Effect Opacity & Blur In Windows 8 Using A Simple GUI

AGTweaker Glazed

We’ve covered plenty of little tweaks for Windows 8 that promise to bring back Windows 7’s Aero Glass transparency effect, but nothing comes close to Aero Glass for Win8. It’s only limitation is its inflexibility and console-based UI that, thankfully, can now be avoided if you use AGTweaker.

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Desktop-Level Photo And Image Editing Comes To iOS And Android With Adobe Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch for iPhone Android

Photoshop is the Mac Daddy of image-editing applications on the desktop, and now most of its most popular features are available on iOS and Android with the new Photoshop Touch. We discuss its pros and cons in our hands-on review!

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AssistantEnhancer Brings New Siri Commands To Your iOS Device

AssistantEnhancer iOS Battery  AssistantEnhancer iOS App  AssistantEnhancer iOS Image

AssistantEnhancer for iOS devices adds all sorts of new, very obvious commands to Siri, like being able to make emergency calls, searching the web for images by keyword, viewing basic system information, performing searches within apps, managing Pandora or Spotify music and more.

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Yandex Launches Yandex.Store: An Excellent Alternative To Google Play Store

Yandex.Store-Android-Home  Yandex.Store-Android-App

Yandex.Store is yet another Google Play alternative for Android. It has currently over 50,000 free and paid apps in it with big names like Angry Birds, Soundhound, Skype and Opera. In order to ensure security, all apps are verified by Kaspersky before being made available for your perusal.

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Iperius Backup Is A Powerful Backup Tool With Advanced Scheduling, Filters, Email Alerts And More

Iperius Backup_Run

Iperius Backup is an unusually elegant backup management app for Windows XP and later. It differentiates itself from other such apps by allowing you to create independent backup jobs, plan them in advance, set different parameters, launch system tasks before and after backups and much, much more.

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Get Customizable Live Wallpapers On iOS With LivePapers Jailbreak Tweak

LivePapers-iPhone-Cydia-app  Nexus-live-wallpaper-iPhone-LivePapers

Live Wallpapers on Android are quite aesthetically pleasing. While iOS users don’t have any full-blown alternative to it, there are tweaks like LivePapers that allow you choose from a limited set of animated, interactive wallpapers.

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ClockworkMod Superuser Is An Awesome New Root Access Management App With PIN Protection, Multi-User Support And More


Superuser, SuperSU and now ClockworkMod (CWM) Superuser, the competition for the best Android root management is getting pretty serious. Koush’s CWM Superuser is unique compared to the other two in that it is open-source, has multiuser support, PIN protection and the ability to handle concurrent Superuser requests.

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Quickly Remove Unwanted Browser Toolbars & Add-Ons With Avast Browser Cleanup

Avast Browser Cleanup_Scan finished

Leading computer security company Avast Software a.s., has launched a useful new utility app for removing unwanted toolbars and add-ons installed in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

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PAUL Aggregates Media From YouTube, CNN, ESPN ScoreCenter, Last.fm, Facebook And Twitter For Offline Viewing


PAUL automatically downloads videos and music from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Last.fm at scheduled times for viewing offline. It’s great for viewing the latest and greatest items from your favorite sources without having to go into each and every app each morning.

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Status Snapper For Chrome Takes Quick Screenshots Of Facebook Statuses, Blur Names And Share To Imgur


Status Snapper is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to share hilarious Facebook status updates on social news websites like Reddit after applying blur/pixelation effects to names and other private info for anonymity.

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Wimoweh Prevents OS X From Sleeping Indefinitely Or While Running Certain Apps


OS X Mountain Lion automatically puts your Mac to sleep when it is idle. We’ve discussed terminal-based commands and tweaks to delay sleep mode, but they aren’t as good as Wimoweh, which allows you to prevent Sleep indefinitely or while running certain apps.

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