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Turntable.fm is a great service for listening to music with friends, or music that other people have picked out. You can listen passively or actively by creating a playlist for a room. If you enjoy the service and actively participate in its music rooms, TT QueueLights is a Chrome extension you might like. It highlights the playback progress for songs currently in your queue as they finish playing. The extension isn’t meant for passive listeners but for those who DJ in rooms often, it can be a helpful tool to keep track of songs and manage the queue itself.

TT QueueLights integrates in Turntable.fm’s interface. Just search for songs and create lists like you normally would on the website and start playing a song. With no song having been played, the song information appears over a white background. As a song begins to play, the information bar slowly turns blue to indicate playback progress. This is in Preview mode. Once you click ‘Play Music’ on the Turntable stage, all songs by the same artist turn green, the currently playing song turn red and as it plays, its played section turns blue, indicating playback progress. Red indicates the last 30 songs that been played, while orange indicates all songs that have been played.

TT QueueLights

That’s really all there is to how the extension works. It has no options to manage, though it does what it’s supposed to very well. The developer might consider allowing users to customize the colors that indicate the playback status of a song. It’s a trivial feature but it can prove to be useful and can add a personalized touch. Additionally there should be way to reset the playback status.

Songs can be played out of order if you like, so it might be a good idea if the user could mark the song with any color except for the ones that indicate playback. It would help in managing the queue better and also in grouping similar songs within the queue. In addition to the small customization options suggested above, it would be a great idea if a user could tell how many times a song from the same artist had been played in an hour, or just how may times it has been played, since Turntable.fm does not offer this feature by itself.

To sum it up, TT QueueLights is a must have if you are an active Turntable.fm user and want to add a more visual touch to your playlists.

Install TT QueueLights From Chrome Web Store

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