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Want to tweak with Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail live preview settings? Aero WinShark is a small portable application that lets you do just that. Using this application, you can completely customize the size of the Windows 7 taskbar preview thumbnail, add top, bottom, left and right margins to adjust thumbnail position, define the time delay before taskbar preview is displayed and enable/disable thumbnail preview with a single click..

The main interface has self-explanatory options to control numerous aspects of Windows 7 taskbar live preview thumbnail. It provides Minimum and Maximum Thumbnail Size sliders to define both minimum and maximum size of preview thumbnails. Underneath these options, the thumbnail margin-related sliders are lined up including, Top Margin, Bottom Margin, Left Margin and Right Margin, to adjust the position of thumbnail preview.  You can select a custom Aero display hover time and change taskbar item width too. If you would like to disable or re-enable the Windows 7 live preview, then use the buttons located on the right-hand side of the window.

Aero WinShark v1.2

The screenshot below shows different sizes of Windows 7 taskbar preview thumbnails. Reverting the changes is quite easy; just click Restore Default from Aero WinShark interface to bring the default Windows 7 thumbnail preview settings back.

Thumbnail Size

Aero WinShark works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Developer Preview).

Download Aero WinShark

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