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It’s that time of the week again when we round up last week’s greatest apps, tips and tweaks. This is the part where you make yourself a mug of piping hot chocolate, get comfortable and ready yourself to start clicking through to all these amazing articles you missed during the busy workweek.

Light Alloy Is A Portable Video Player For Windows With Borderless Viewing & Advanced Scheduling

Light Alloy

There’s no dearth of high-quality video players on Windows. Most people tend to stick with one media player such as KM or VLC, but there’s this hip new kid in town – Light Alloy – that allows you watch videos without any borders and even let’s you schedule your PC to, besides other things, turn off at the end of a video, or set it to play a specific video at a specific time.

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Video Tape For Chrome Turns Videos Into Stickies So You Can Scroll & Watch Them Simultaneously

Video Tape

Video Tape is one of those Google Chrome extensions that solve a problem you didn’t know you had before. It allows you to scroll through a web page while you watch a video. Particularly useful on webistes like reddit, where you can read comment threads while watching the video.

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Set Reminders For Important Emails And Temporarily Archive Them With MailFred For Chrome


Getting to Inbox Zero is no easy task for people who gets dozens of emails everyday. MailFred for Gmail is a Google Chrome extension with Mailbox-like features that allow you set reminders to deal with specific emails later; these specific emails can then be temporarily archived to unclutter your inbox.

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Mailstrom Ingeniously Sorts Your Emails To Help You Achieve Inbox Zero

Mailstrom My Inbox

Got hundreds of emails in your inbox and having trouble clearing them out? Mailstrom can help you out by making use of different sorting techniques, using which you can archive/delete useless emails en masse. For daily email management, consider using tools like the aforementioned MailFred.

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Pixel Pumper Is A Windows Live Writer Alternative For OS X

pixel pumper

Windows Live Writer is one of the biggest reasons why many “Macs” in the blogging community have Windows installed via Boot Camp, so the news of a true Live Writer alternative should come as a relief. Called Pixel Pumper, the app pulls articles from your WordPress blog, allows you to edit them, insert images, hyperlinks, tags, categories, choose featured images and more. As it is in beta at the moment, there are a few bugs and missing features – but I’m sure they’ll be sorted out with further development.

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Switch Between Android Apps à la Ubuntu For Phones With Glovebox

Glovebox-Android-Help  Glovebox-Android-Sidebar1

Canonical is still many months away from properly launching Ubuntu for phones, but Android users can get a taste for it with Unity Launcher or Glovebox, which lets you instantly switch between apps by invoking a glovebox of sorts from the edge of your display that holds all your recently opened apps.

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Add Custom Extensions To DashClock Lock Screen Widget For Android


DashClock is one of the most talked about apps for Android these days thanks to its heavy customizability through third-party extensions. Recently, a third-party developer released DashClock Custom Extension, which allows you to make your own simple widgets that can, for example, launch certain shortcuts, apps or websites, contact a certain person or write a custom note.

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Phonechievements Turns Daily Android Smartphone Usage Into A Social Game

Phonechievements 07  Phonechievements 06

Phonechievements gamifies routine smartphone usage by making achievements out of things like having X number of apps installed, having root access, getting 500 missed calls, not charging your phone for three days, etc. Apps like these don’t solve any real problem, but can provide entertainment and, of course, bragging rights.

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Share Instagram Photos In Bulk To Flickr And Tumblr, ZIP & Email For Backup

Recygram iOS  Recygram iOS Select  Recygram iOS Open In

So you want to shift to Flickr but don’t want to spend all the time downloading photos from Instagram and uploading to Flickr. What do you do? You use the recently discovered Recygram, of course. The iOS app lets you backup your photos to a ZIP in one click, and quickly push them all to Flickr and Tumblr with a few taps. Also check out Free The Photos and Instaport.

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Save Precious Battery Life On Android By Using Greenify To Get iOS-Style Multitasking


Android and iOS have implemented multitasking in their own ways. Android’s is more powerful but can put a dent on your battery life in case of a misbehaving app, while iOS’ is considerably less powerful and slow but helps increase battery life. If the latter sounds better to you as an Android user, you can install Greenify to set apps to run only when they are in the foreground.

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Hokrain Is An Efficient, Portable Music Player For Windows With Excellent Format Support

Hokrain Playlist

iTunes has evolved from being a digital jukebox to being an all-in-one management program for iOS devices, which makes it a system hog. Other jukeboxes like MediaMonkey have similar problems. Hokrain, which we discovered last week, is extremely light on system resources but doesn’t skimp on the features you would expect from a full-featured music player.

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