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As useful as online shopping can be, it has also paved the way for many new forms of fraud and embezzlement. Although purchasing/selling stuff online is now a lot more secure than it was in the past, many people still feel a bit uneasy when they have to hand over their money or expensive goods to a complete stranger. At times, relying on Craigslist or eBay is the only option, but won’t you prefer trading with people you know in real life? Bondsy is an iPhone app that lets you post an ad of any product, but the twist is that only your friends and acquaintances can see it. Another advantage of Bondsy is that the ads created through it can also be posted to any social network or website without any editing.

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As the app’s welcome page boasts, there are no anonymous strangers on Bondsy. All users have to sign up using their email ID, and then they are requested to provide their real name and photo. We know these measures aren’t foolproof, but only people you add to your account can view your posts, making Bondsy a secure network.

Once you have logged in, the app searches for people in your address book who are already using Bondsy. Even if you don’t find anyone, you can always invite iOS users to join your network. The only people who can view your posts are friends and friends of friends. Both these groups have separate sections of their own, and you get to decide the visibility level for each post.

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To post a new ad, hit the ‘+’ icon in the right corner of the bottom bar. The first step now would be associating a photo with your ad. The default view shows the camera, but it is also possible to load an image from the camera roll. After adding the photo, you can enter a text description for your ad. The price tag can be anything you deem appropriate. Before you hit the ‘Post’ button, choose the ad’s visibility. Apart from your Bondsy network, ads can be shared to Facebook and Twitter.

Published ads appear on the main page of the app. These posts can be shared to social media and emailed to anyone you want. If you are looking to share the ad on a website or anywhere else, copy its URL via the sharing menu. To purchase an item advertised by a contact, tap the ‘Grab’ icon over the post. Before finalizing the deal, it is also possible to chat with the owner.

Bondsy is a free apps optimized for iPhone/iPod touch. It might be a good idea to try your luck at this little network before heading to some of the bigger online shopping services.

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