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Collage is an art technique that involves creating an image by using a number of other images, but it is not limited to that; you can use newspaper cuttings, images, text, photographs, parts of other artwork – almost anything that you can find, provided that your creativity and the available tools allow you to work with the raw materials. Previously, we have covered some great collage-making applications, such as CollageIt that allows you to make a collage in just 3 steps, and Shape Collage, a cross-platform tool to create collages in any shape. While there are a lot of desktop apps available to create photo collages, Memorylage is a new Modern UI option for Windows 8 and RT users. It allows you to create simple image collages using images stored on your computer. Moreover, it lets you capture images through your webcam and create an instant collage, which can be perfect if you are having a party and want to capture its great moments straight to a collage.

By default, the app launches with the Pictures folder as the default location. All the folders present inside it are listed on the left side, while the images are available on the right side.

Memorylage Main

You can access any of the folders and create collages from the available images by right-clicking them. You can right-click multiple images to mark them for collage creation. Moreover, the application also allows you to pin the current folder to the Start Screen, giving you quick access to it. Once all your favorite images are selected, tap the Custom Collage button at the top-right corner to create the collage.

Memorylage Custom Collage

From the app bar, you can choose the Photo Booth option to capture live images in succession using your webcam. You can specify the number of images you want to capture, and the time delay between successive shots. Once the specified number of images are captured, the app bar will automatically open, allowing you to create a ‘Custom Collage’ with the captured images.

Memorylage Webcam

If you don’t like the default arrangement of images, tap the Shuffle button in the lower-right corner to change it automatically. You can also swap the position of two images just by selecting them together. When everything is set according to your preferences, hit Save and the collage will be saved to your disk.

Memorylage Webcam Collage

Folders pinned using the app sport live tiles, and are directly accessible from the Start Screen.

Memorylage Pinned

Memorylage works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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