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The design and interface of iOS makes many people fall in love with the iPhone, but there will always be those who like tinkering with things and stamping their own personality on a device. You can make changes to your iPhone even without jailbreaking, but having access to the Cydia store unlocks a whole new world of themes and interface-related tweaks that apply to every nook and corner of your device. SubtleLock is a fine example of this category of Cydia tweaks, changing the lock screen to give it a much more personalized look. The lock screen is among the most frequently viewed areas of an iPhone, and the notifications that appear there are greatly useful as well. SubtleLock reduces the size of all the elements of the lock screen to show more of your wallpaper. Apart from giving your lock screen a fresh look overall, the tweak also makes more room for the notifications that appear on it.

SubtleLock iOS Before  SubtleLock iOS Settings  SubtleLock iOS

Once installed, SubtleLock adds a new menu of its own to the stock Settings app. This menu has nothing but a toggle for enabling the tweak, but you are sure to find this useful. Most Cydia tweaks have the enable/disable toggle, and it is really handy in SubtleLock owing to the fact that you don’t have to respring your device each time a change has been made to the settings.

If SubtleLock is enabled, the time and date display shrinks to occupy only a thin strip at the top of the screen. Not only is the font smaller now, but the date is also written next to the time rather than occupying a row of its own below it. Another thing that SubtleLock changes is the bottom bar on the lock screen. The slider becomes more compact, and the camera handle is pushed downwards as well. Of course, none of these changes have any adverse effects on the functionality of any of these features, and everything continues functioning just like before.

All users who love their wallpapers are sure to appreciate SubtleLock. A more practical advantage offered by the tweak is its compatibility with LockInfo and Tempus. You will also have more room for placing lock screen widgets on your iPhone if you are using tweaks like Dashboard X.

SubtleLock might not be offering a whole bunch of features, but it does well what it has been designed to do, making its price tag of $1 quite justified in our opinion. You can download the tweak by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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