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It is no surprise that user interest in many smartphone-based games is increasingly being driven by social media elements that allow users to share their achievements and scores with friends and at times the general public. Enter Phonechievements for Android – an app that aims to bring similar social media elements into your everyday phone use. The app uses your regular phone usage stats and brings en element of competition to these otherwise ordinary aspects of the phone. In essence, you will be unlocking achievements as you meet their required set criteria, and there are tons of these to unlock. Unlocking an achievement will allow you to share boast it over Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and encourage some geeky competition amongst you and your friends. Let’s find out more after the jump.

There are a total of 99 achievements to unlock in Phonechievements and if you’re lucky, you may have a few unlocked already. There are 10 categories for the achievements, ranging from ‘Travel Agent’ to ‘Apps Addiction’. It will be very hard to summarize the features of this app, especially considering the variety of achievements it offers but to sum it up, there is something for every kind of user.

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The app sports a very user-friendly interface that should be easy to navigate for even the beginner Android users among us. Whether you’re a heavy mobile internet user, travel a lot, or use the camera very often, Phonechievements will be tracking those stats to unlock relevant achievements. Whenever an achievement is unlocked, you get a notification for it in the Notification shade, though this behavior can be disabled from the apps Settings. Sharing an achievement is as simple as tapping the share icon followed by selecting Google+, Twitter or Facebook. The Sync feature allows you to sync your achievements and stats using your Google account, which is great for those of us who have multiple Android devices.

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The achievement categories can be set as expandable, allowing you to view just the category of your choice without having to scroll endlessly. Additionally, you can ‘search’ for an achievement as well for quick navigation. ‘Share Profile’ is a very neat and well-thought-out feature of the app. Once the app data is synced with your Google account, a user can simply access it through the web using “http://phonechievements.com/profile/googleaccount” in the browser’s address bar, where ‘googleaccount’ is your Google account username (the part before @gmail.com in your Gmail address). However, this feature is in testing phase right now and should be up and running soon.


Kudos to the developers of Phonechievements for taking an entirely ordinary aspect of smartphone use and turning it into something that has the potential to become a social media hype. With more achievements and new features expected to come with every update, I for one will be closely looking at how this app evolves over time.

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