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Mac OS X App Store comes with an intuitive auto-update feature that looks for updates for installed applications and downloads only the required data for updating the application to latest available version, but what about those applications which aren’t listed in Mac App Store? If application, which is downloaded from external source, doesn’t have an auto-update feature, you need to manually update it from either within the application or its product page. AppFresh is a Mac App update manager, which keeps all installed applications, System Preferences plugins, widgets, etc. up to date.

It not only finds the updates of applications, but also downloads the updates for installed applications, System Preferences plugins, desktop widgets and so on. With AppFresh installed, you won’t have to find the updates for each application. Just launch the utility to list down all the installed applications and download updates for each item in the list. It categorizes installed applications into Status groups (Update Available, Up To Date, Unknown), Types (Applications, Mac App Store applications, Plugins, Preferences Panes, System Updates), Vendors (Apple, Microsoft, Adobe etc., and Third-party), so you can easily find the updates for required applications. The main interface displays updates available for installed applications. It shows the current version of installed application with latest version, which is available for download. Selecting an item from the list shows the description with release history in right side bar.

updates available

You will find the updated applications, widgets, Preferences panes, etc. in Up To Date category. Like Update Available category, it shows the latest released version, status description with each up-to-date application.

AppFresh Up to date

From toolbar, you can check selected applications for recent updates, delete the item from the list, and update the selected application to latest stable release. The Settings menu lets you move the selected item to Trash, Change IUseThis Identifier (if configured), and add and remove informational columns from main window.


Clicking the Update button in toolbar will initiate the update process. All the applications, widgets, System Preferences Pane which are being updated are listed in Updating status category.

Scrn 2011-10-25 at 2.02.50 PM

Since the application is in initial development stage, you may find some interface related glitches. However, the application works without any problems. It supports Mac 10.5 and higher.

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