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It’s that time of the week again when we round up last week’s greatest apps, tweaks and tricks. This is the part where you make yourself a cup of green tea, get comfortable and ready yourself to start clicking through to all these amazing articles you missed during the busy workweek.

Directly Sync Any Folder To SkyDrive Without Changing Directory Structure

SkyShellEx Synced

After the success of Dropbox, every big consumer technology company has come up with their own cloud syncing and storage service. Apple has iCloud, Google has Google Drive, and Microsoft has SkyDrive. Now, feature-wise, SkyDrive isn’t at the forefront of cloud syncing, so it requires third-party hacks to make it work seamlessly like other services. SkyShellEx adds a “Sync to SkyDrive” option to your right-click menu, which allows you to sync any folder directly without having to copy-paste it to your SkyDrive folder.

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DroidPad Lets You Use Your Android Device As A Game Controller For Your PC

DroidPad Joystick  DroidPad Joystick Layout 8

We’ve all heard of people using their phones as a partial or full replacement for their camera, alarm clock, electronic dictionary etc., but as a gamepad? Well, that’s possible too! Owners of Android devices can install DroidPad and an associated desktop server program on their desktop PC to use it as a game controller. It’s great for playing simple, retro games (via emulation)!

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Unity Launcher For Android Gives You A Taste Of Ubuntu For Phones


Earlier this year, Canonical announced “Ubuntu for phones” – a full-fledged, desktop-class, Linux-based operating system for smartphones. While it is tentatively scheduled to release sometime next year, current Android users can get a taste of its gesture-heavy user interface by checking out Unity Launcher from the link below.

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Capture Hands-Free Panoramas With Cycloramic For iPhone 5

Cycloramic is a novel photography app for iOS devices that comes with a special shooting mode for the iPhone 5. By cleverly making use of the built-in vibration motor, Cycloramic auto-rotates the iPhone 5 to take “hands-free” panoramic photos and videos.

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Listen To News And Social Media Updates With Winston For iPhone

Winston iOS Home  Winston iOS Reorder  Winston iOS Settings

Winston is a wonderful app for iOS that can read out loud the latest updates from your selected news topics and Facebook / Twitter. Great for people who drive themselves to work everyday!

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Firefox Nightly v21 With Modern UI For Windows 8


Earlier this week, Mozilla released a different kind of Firefox for Windows 8. Although low on features because of its experimental nature, it comes with an all-new, made-for-Windows 8 Modern user interface that is oriented more towards touch-input.

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Better Explorer Is A Powerful Windows File Manager With Tabbed Browsing, Windows 8 Ribbon UI And More

Better Explorer Drive Chart

Microsoft made significant improvements to the File Explorer when it made the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 8, but the overall package may still feel inadequate especially when you see what Better Explorer has to offer: tabbed browsing, ribbon UI like the one in the Windows 8 native File Explorer, the ability to read multiple archive formats, advanced conditional searching, drive size charts and much, much more!

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How To Fix iOS 6 Auto-Brightness Issue By Calibrating Light Sensors


The release of iOS 6 hasn’t been Apple’s finest hour by any means. Besides getting mixed response from the technology enthusiasts community, it has been plagued by connectivity, reliability, and even security issues. One famous bug involves the auto-brightness feature in iOS 6 failing to, well, automatically set appropriate display brightness based on ambient light. Thankfully, this can be fixed quickly with a bright source of light (e.g. a flashlight) or a pitch-dark room, and our step by step instructions.

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DashClock Is A Powerful, Customizable Lock Screen Widget For Android With Support For Add-Ons


Developed by one of Android’s own design engineers, DashClock is a heavily customizable lock screen widget for Android 4.2 and up that can comes built-in with smaller widgets that can be used for checking the time, weather, upcoming calendar entries, scheduled alarms, unread texts, emails, missed calls, and – thanks to the fact that anyone can develop for it – a whole lot more! As of typing, there are third-party extensions available for checking battery level, and going through to-do list items.

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Host Your Own, Personal Cloud Syncing And Storage Service On iOS, Android, PC Or Mac With SelfCloud


If you do not like the idea of hosting your sensitive documents and data on Dropbox, Google, Microsoft or Apple’s servers, you can make your personal cloud syncing and storage service by using SelfCloud. With clients available for Windows, OS X, iOS & Android, and the ability to share files with any outsider, it’s almost as good as any first-class cloud syncing service available today.

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UC BrowserHD Is An Excellent Third-Party Modern UI Browser For Windows 8 And RT

UC BrowserHD_Windows 8

With bookmark syncing, quick tabbing, speed dial, private browsing and excellent performance, UC BrowserHD is an attractive alternative to the Modern UI Internet Explorer for Windows 8-powered desktop PCs and Windows RT-based tablets.

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Taskboard Replaces OS X’s Dock To Give You An iOS-Like App Switcher

TaskBoard quit

Like it or not, Apple is insistent on bringing iOS features to OS X. It started at a slow pace with Snow Leopard, picked up speed with Lion, and came through in full force with Mountain Lion. If you welcome these kind of changes to your desktop OS, you can install Taskboard on OS X to get an iOS-like app switcher!

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