Firefox Share: Quickly Share Links With Facebook, Twitter And Google Share
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Are you tired of searching for share buttons either above or below web content on different websitesFirefox Shareadd-on makes it easier to share content on the most-commonly-used social networks with a single click. It allows you to share links on Facebook, Google Mail and Twitter (for now) using a simple button on your browser’s navigation bar, which, in turn, communicates with the respective network and even pulls your data from it. More to follow after the jump.

A tiny, all-in-one Share button is added to the URL bar right next to the bookmarks icon. To share a link, just click the button and select your social network. A new window with your selected social network will open, requiring you to log in first.

Firefox share

Once you are logged in, a link will appear in the add-on box with along with an option to attach a message with the shared content. A small button to the left lets you choose the audience of your message (e.g., for Facebook, it can be with a specific person or your wall). However, at the moment, this add-on is in alpha, and therefore, the text on the button did not show during our testing (check screenshot below).

Facebook share

While it supports only three networks for sharing at present (which can be considered a limitation), these remain the most-used ones, and we find it rather unlikely that it should be an annoyance. Firefox Share is free and accessible at the link provided below.

Install Firefox Share (alpha)

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