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It’s that time of the week again when we round up last week’s greatest apps, tweaks and tricks that you may have missed in all the craziness that is the workweek. Go ahead, make yourself a cup of tea, and read through the list of software and related tricks that left a good impression on us.

Chime For Chrome Is A Unified Notification Center For Gmail, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter And More


Chime is a powerful extension for Google Chrome that notifies you about updates from your Gmail, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Flickr, Github, Stackoverflow and Foursquare account both within a popup and through desktop notifications. This is a much better solution than installing separate extensions for each service.

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Mailbox For iOS Is A Refreshing New Email App That Treats Your Inbox Like A To-Do List


I was one of the lucky ones to get early access to Mailbox. It combines the best features of Mail, Sparrow and Gmail 2.0 with to-do list apps like Reminders, Due and Orchestra to create a truly refreshing email management system. I actually look forward to checking my email now!

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Save Precious Storage Space By Removing Stock And Third Party Modern UI Apps From Windows 8 & RT

Empty Start Screen

Windows 8 as well as RT comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps like Finance, Weather, Messaging etc. that may be useless to quite a few people, especially considering how there are better third-party apps available. Removing them is beneficial on tablets like Surface Pro / RT where storage space is, in some cases, half of what is advertised. All it takes is running a simple command via Windows Powershell.

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How To Get Facebook Notifications In Your RSS Reader

Facebook RSS

While I prefer keeping my social networks notifications separate from my RSS feeds, there are people out there who like to join the two because this apparently makes their morning check-what’s-new-on-the-Internet routines easier. You can learn how to add your Facebook Notifications feed to your RSS reader from the link below.

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Make Unsupported iOS Apps Stretch To Full iPhone 5 & iPod touch 5G Display With These Tweaks


While most of the popular apps in the App Store do support the iPhone 5 & the 5th Generation iPod touch, the vast majority of apps still don’t. It’s one of the many reasons why I’ll be getting the iPhone 5S instead of the iPhone 5. Still, if you already have bought an iPhone 5 and are peeved with your favorite app not supporting the taller display, you can try out FullForce / ScreenExtender after jailbreaking your device untethered on iOS 6.

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Vine Flow Lets You Discover And View Vine Videos On Android


Twitter’s “Vine” network for sharing short video clips is among the hottest social networks today. It is iOS-exclusive for now, so Android users will have to make do with an unofficial app like Vine Flow to enjoy Vine content. Twitter has stated that support for other platforms is coming soon.

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Android Tweaker Lets You Quickly Apply Useful Hacks And Change Multiple System Properties To Improve User Experience


We covered an app called “Pimp My ROM” some time ago that came with dozens of customization options for the ROM on your Android device. Well, Android Tweaker is a recently released easier-to-use, better looking alternative to Pimp My ROM. It’s worth checking out!

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Add Your SkyDrive Folder As A Network Drive In Windows 7, 8 And RT

Map SkyDrive folder in Windows 8 and RT_Done

Without a desktop app, mapping your SkyDrive Folder as a Network drive is the closest you can get to setting up a Dropbox-like experience for Microsoft’s cloud storage service on Windows 8 / RT. Learn how you can add a SkyDrive-powered network drive to Windows from the link below.

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How To Schedule Do Not Disturb In OS X Mountain Lion With Automator

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 12.35

Ever since OS X Snow Leopard, Apple has been working to bridge the gap that exists between their desktop and mobile OS. iCloud syncs data between the two platforms, and features first introduced in iOS are slowly being brought over to OS X. Do Not Disturb (iOS 6) is one such feature that was introduced in OS X Mountain Lion. For some reason, Apple didn’t include the ability to schedule Do Not Disturb, but Do Not Worry! You can schedule it using Automator, Calendar and an AppleScript.

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“Aero Glass For Win8″ Brings Back Blurred Transparency To Window Borders In Windows 8

Aero Glass Windows 8

It’s not as good as Microsoft’s own implementation in Windows Vista and 7, but “Aero Glass” will keep you satisfied for now if you don’t quite like the solid-colored window borders in Windows 8.

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Carbon For Android Is A New Third-Party Twitter App With A Lovely UI

Carbon-For-Twitter-Android-Tilt  Carbon-For-Twitter-Android-COnversations

With a repulsive UI and lack of power user-oriented features, Twitter’s official app for Android is still far from the perfect way of using the popular social network on the go. Apps like the recently released Carbon – which was originally quite popular on webOS – aim to satisfy power users with its gorgeous, animation-heavy UI and a nice set of useful features.

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Flex Lets You Create Your Own iOS Jailbreak Tweaks Without Serious Coding Skills

Flex Cydia Home  Flex Cydia Unit  Flex Cydia Library

Flex is an app available from Cydia that allows you to create your own jailbreak tweaks without requiring you to write a single line of code in Objective-C (which is the language used to create iOS apps). Although Tom, Dick and Harry won’t be able to create and publish their own powerful tweaks so easily, it’s way, way easier than going through the actual process.

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Save Memory By Selectively Suspending Chrome Tabs With “The Great Suspender”

The Great Suspender load

I don’t see the point of it on a machine with more than 4GB of RAM (which is standard-fare nowadays), but those of you who use Chrome and have limited RAM resources should definitely see if The Great Suspender – an extension that lets you unload inactive tabs from your RAM – can be of help.

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