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Video documentaries are a rich source of information, and ‘visually’ reflect on the on-going, pressing issues around the globe. Sitting and waiting for documentaries on TV can be boring, and while there are many websites that offer free documentaries, very few come with decent quality. Documentary.net is a web app that is free and provides high-quality collection of documentaries covering a wide range of current events, and offers new insight and perspective to its users. More to follow after the break.

This web service has a main menu above the page that you can use to browse different content categories. It consists of Watch Films, Browse Documentaries, DN Top 20, DN Magazine , FilmDiscussions and Film Makers categories. Documentaries can be browsed by length, genre, topic or categories, and you can choose to either read articles or watch videos.


Documentary.net also provides filmmakers with great resources, in that they get an opportunity to promote their documentaries after providing their details to the site. Tutorials and guides for filmmakers are also available that can be easily searched through or browsed.

Tutorials & Guides  Documentary

The DN magazine consists of of articles and reviews on latest films. Furthermore, you can also find documentaries that focus on the lives of celebrities.

Reviews  Documentary

Documentary.net is a user-friendly web app that conveniently allows you to stream your favorite documentaries online, and lets you explore the world with in-depth knowledge.

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