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RedditTab is a Mac app available for free in the Mac App Store that runs in the Menu Bar and lets you browse Reddit. You can upvote/downvote submissions if you’re signed in, browse the front page or any of the subreddits, search Reddit, and email any of the posted links to anyone via the Mail app. As far as Reddit apps go, RedditTab is quite basic when it comes to the features it offers, but it’s great for quickly checking the website without having to open it in your browser or any conventional Reddit app (and getting caught by your boss while not working). It works with Mountain Lion’s Notification Center and will alert you when you have a new message. RedditTab does not have its own browser, so links all open in your default web browser.

To get started with RedditTab, click the wrench button in the top right and log in with your Reddit account if you want, though you can skip this if you want. Signing in will not display your Reddit name anywhere in the app.

RedditTab is divided into the same five tabs that you see on the front page of the Reddit website. For each submission, you can see its title, the website that it is linked to, the number of upvotes or downvotes it has received, and buttons to upvote/downvote it. Upvoting/downvoting will obviously not work if you aren’t signed in. As you scroll down, RedditTab automatically loads more posts. You will also see a cog wheel button for each link that lets you share, report, favorite or hide it. These last two options will not appear if you aren’t signed in to your Reddit account.

RedditTab login

Clicking the ‘Share’ button will launch the Mail app, allowing you to share the link via email. The link to the post and the link to its respective Reddit thread are both added to the message. The Subject is also filled, but it is quite generic, rather than specific to the title of the post you’re sharing.

RedditTab share

To search Reddit, click the wrench button and choose the ‘Search’ option. You will see a ‘Reddits’ option here as well. Both give you more or less the same interface. The ‘Search’ option allows you to search all of Reddit and does not allow you to narrow your search down to any subreddits, while the ‘Reddits’ option lets you search a specific subreddit, also letting you further narrow down the search by author, title, text etc. (the same parameters that Reddit supports).

RedditTab search

When you receive a new message, RedditTab gives you a Notification Center alert for it. The app works quite well, but its interface needs considerable work. At present, text and buttons all appear to be crammed in to the small popup. Furthermore, having more sharing options available would be nice too. Other than that, RedditTab is a great way to browse Reddit without getting too caught up with it.

Download RedditTab From Mac App Store

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