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Wouldn’t it be helpful if all your Firefox tabs were in a chronological order, and unused tabs were closed automatically? Managing and organizing many tabs in Firefox can be frustrating. This is where the CleanupTabs add-on comes in handy. It automatically closes unused tabs and sort all tabs in order of most recently viewed. Additionally, it will show tab numbers and reduce overall memory usage.

You can change the add-on settings by accessing the CleanupTabs preferences from the add-on manager. Check Enabled, Sort tabs and Show tabnumbers for better management of your tabs. You can also change the number of Max Tabs allowing you to open as many tabs as you like (by default, this has been set to seven). Opening more tabs than the maximum number will close unused ones, and only the specified (n) most recently used tabs will remain open.

CleanupTabs preferences

The tabs are simply numbered in the most recently viewed order.


This add-on is quite useful for those who sift through multiple tabs, and forget to close unused ones. It provided faster access and management, and can be grabbed at the link provided below.

Install CleanupTabs Add-on For Firefox

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