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Windows startup management is very important, as the number of startup programs determine how long will it take for your computer to be ready for use after you boot it up. If there are a lot of applications and services scheduled to automatically start each time Windows boots, it is going to take a long time and can be quite annoying, specially when you are in a hurry to get something done. On many occasions, you don’t even need the applications that load at startup and they are there because they were automatically added during the installation of a software. You can edit the Windows Startup entries by either removing them from the Startup folder or by using the System Configuration utility, more commonly known as msconfig. While the native utility only lets you enable or disable entries, third-party applications provide more options. Startup Patrol is a Startup management tool for Windows that allows you to delete items from Windows Startup, as well as create new entries. Moreover, it monitors Windows Startup and whenever a program tries to add an item to it, a notification pops up to inform you about the addition, along with options to Allow, Disable or Delete the startup entry. More on Startup Patrol after the jump.

The main interface lists all the items that are currently set to launch on startup, along with the Value, Section, Status, Product Name, Product Description, Company, Version, Process Path, File Size, Date Created, Date Accessed, Date Modified and Location of each item.

SterJo Startup Patrol

Minimizing he the application sends it to the system try while keeping it running in the background to monitor the startup entries and notify you each time an application decides to add itself to the Windows Startup. Once an application makes a startup entry (upon installation, for instance), Startup Patrol will ask you if you want to Allow, Disable or Delete its startup entry.

SterJo Startup Patrol Notification

From the list of startup entries, you can right-click an item to disable it, completely delete it, execute the startup entry, view its file properties, or refresh the list.

Startup Patrol Right Click

You can edit a startup entry or add a new by selecting the appropriate options from the File menu. When editing or adding an item, you have to specify a Name, Value, Section (registry or startup folder location) and any optional Parameters for the app.

Startup Patrol Edit

Startup Patrol is available in both installable and portable formats, and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Startup Patrol

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