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With iOS 5’s Notification Center in place, support from developers at Cydia has started springing up for that particular feature. The Notification Center, for now, does not pose as exciting as most were anticipating, but things seem to be shaping up nicely as more and more features are getting included, enhancing the Notification Center’s functional capacity. WeeKillBackground is a Cydia tweak, or rather an add-on, for the the Notification Center that lets you kill background apps at the tap of one button. That button is neatly housed in the Notification Center.

WeeKillBackground comes from the BigBoss repository, and is straight to the point. There are no additional, fancy features or settings to it. When you kill the apps via WeeKillBackground, you will notice the apps still running in the multitasking bar. However, rest assure that the processes have been terminated.

IMG_0326  IMG_0327

To install the tweak, simply search for WeeKillBackground in Cydia, or in the BigBoss repository. Once you have it installed, you will be asked to restart the Springboard. With that done, enable WeeKillBackground by heading over to Settings > Notification Center, and hit the Edit button. Now, simply drag WeeKillBackground into the In Notification Center panel.

Natively, the Notifcation Center seems rather bland compared to it’s Android counterpart. However, perhaps if third party app support was added, things may take an exciting turn.

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