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Windows Phone has had an official client available since the pre-Mango era, but the app has a glaring omission – scrobbling. While there are other, more complicated ways of scrobbling from Windows Phone, most people end up ignoring them due to the cumbersome steps involved. iOS and Android have’s official Scrobbler app, but the Windows Phone Store has been overlooked in this regard so far. A few third-party apps with scrobbling support that we have seen so far are either paid, or riddled with bugs. That is why the new ScrobbleMe app might establish a loyal fan base pretty soon. The app is really simple, devoid of absolutely any bells and whistles, and offers you dead-simple scrobbling, along with support for publishing your playlist with a certain delay, so that the scrobble list can be curated beforehand.

ScrobbleMe For WP List  ScrobbleMe For WP

In a bid to keep ScrobbleMe extremely simple, the developer doesn’t force a tutorial upon users when they launch the app for the first time. If you are looking for help, swipe your way to the ‘Help’ section. Newcomers might get a little confused regarding the app’s working if they don’t read the instructions.

ScrobbleMe doesn’t show login fields on the welcome screen, and you have to go to the app’s settings menu to link your profile with it. In addition to logging in with your account, it is in the Settings menu that you can specify a delay time in minutes for ScrobbleMe to keep the playlist in its cache before scrobbling. This feature is intended to avoid over-scrobbling your currently playing music on your account.

For now, ScrobbleMe can only detect the tracks playing in the stock music player. As soon as a new track starts, the app adds the previous one to its scrobble list. You can also force-refresh the list using the button provided on the main page. The list won’t be published to until you tap the ‘Scrobble songs’ button.

Apart from scrobbling, ScrobbleMe is also great for keeping track of your playback stats. The small ‘P’ before each song’s name specifies the total number of times it has been played, while ‘S’ is the scrobble count. To clear a list at any time, use the ‘Skip played songs’ button.

ScrobbleMe might not be the most feature-rich app out there, but it does exactly what it claims to do, and that too without costing you a dime. The app works with Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8 and 8.

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