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ArcSoft – one of the leading multimedia software developers of the modern age – is famous among Windows 8 and iOS users mainly because of the much-revered photo editing app, Perfect365. Another Windows 8/RT and iOS app that has managed to gain a lot of traction in a relatively short time is Whip – a visually-rich and customizable social photo album editor and slideshow generator by ArcSoft that offers plenty of stylish templates and background music tracks. An album created with the app is referred to as a ‘Whip’ that can be viewed as a slideshow in a magazine-style interface, complete with flip-page animations and user-selected background sounds. You can create & share your own personalized albums, or enjoy Whips shared by other users of the app. After a considerably long delay, the official Android app of Whip has finally made its way to the Play Store. Let’s take a look at the features that Whip for Android has to offer.


A great thing about Whip is that it allows you to explore all the gorgeous photo albums featured on the network without going through any registration process. However, you will need to sign up and log in with a Whip account to create your own personal photo albums or to socialize with the Whip community using all the tools the app has to offer for the purpose. Registration is free, and all you need is a valid email, Facebook or Twitter ID to signup with the Whip service.

Whip-Android-Browse1  Whip-Android-User

The main UI of the app sports various tabs that can be used for quickly accessing the network’s recent activity stream, trending posts, your own activity log & notifications, and the detailed overview of your personal profile on the network.

Whip-Android-Browse2  Whip-Android-Browse4

The WhipStream tab can be used to quickly switch between the latest posts and posts shared by other Whip users that you’re following. The HotWhips tab – as its name implies – displays all the trending posts on the Whip network, while the Activities and MyWhips tabs are cater to your personal Whip activities and account management.

Alongside each shared Whip, you get to see the number of likes and comments the post has received, and like it yourself or add a comment of your own. In addition, you can view detailed profile of the user who has shared the post, and start following them on Whip. To start a slideshow of an album, just tap its thumbnail. Slideshows can be paused by tapping anywhere on the album. While paused, you can manually switch between album pages by just swiping sideways on the screen.

Whip-Android-Select1  Whip-Android-Edit1

Want to create your own Whip? Just tap the Create tab, select anywhere between 7 & 24 photos, pick a template & background color for the album, give it a one last look before finalizing the layout, specify your sharing preferences and you’re done! An album can be shared on Whip’s own network as well as on Facebook, Twitter or via email. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the layout and style the app has chosen for your album, you can edit it manually by tapping the box button on the preview screen.

Whip-Android-Edit3  Whip-Android-Audio

While editing an album, you can change the order of the included photos & album pages, the background audio track, album cover title, and the positioning of each photo within its respective frame. As of now, there is no option to pick custom audio files to set as an album’s background music. However, there are plenty of catchy tunes to choose from the app’s own music library.

Whip-Android-Edit2  Whip-Android-Share

Whip requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher to run, and can be downloaded for free via the Play Store link provided below. Download links to the iOS and Windows 8/RT variants of the app are also provided below.

Download Whip For Android

Download Whip For iOS

Download Whip For Windows 8 / RT

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