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Like any other form of communication, its not just an email’s content that’s important, but also the other information they contain, including email addresses and names, subject, headers, and other metadata. This information can come useful in many circumstances, but most email apps hide it in order to keep everything simple and clutter-free. Mail Clips is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that lets you copy this information from a selected message in Mail. You can copy the complete text in a message, its subject, the sender and recipients’ email addresses, their names, the header message and ID, the date and time it was sent on, and the HTML source of an email. It can also save a message in PDF and RTF format, and add the sender and recipients to your address book. While you can do all of this from the Mail app by opening an email, selecting the information and then copying it manually, Mail Clips offers you the short way around.

Mail Clips runs in the Menu Bar. To use its features, first open Mail and select a message from it. It will work fine in both the expanded and collapsed conversation view. From the Menu Bar, click Mail Clips’s icon and simply select the information you want to copy from the email. Once copied, the information can be pasted anywhere you want.

Mail Clips

Mail Clips will need to connect with the Address Book (or Contacts) when you save an email address using the app. It also lets you invoke the ‘Save as…’ dialog for a message. Mail lets you save an email either in RTF, plain text or in its raw source, while Mail Clips allows you to save it as RTF and PDF, in addition to letting you copy its raw source and save it manually.

Not all the fields that Mail Clips lets you copy information from are nay be important or useful to you, and having them all visible in the app’s menu will just keep it cluttered. To remove the fields you don’t need, head to the ‘Clips’ tab in Mail Clips’ preferences. The ‘Add Recipient to Address Book’ and ‘Add sender to Address Book’ fields can be disabled from the ‘Settings’ tab.

Mail Clips options

Mail Clips is quite a useful app because it lets you copy information from a message without having to open it, thus reducing the number of clicks it takes to do so. Even if you don’t need to copy such information from an email ever, Mail Clips can still be useful because it makes the process of adding people from emails to Contacts much faster and easier. Unlike Mail, which allows you to save only the Sender’s email to Contacts, Mail Clips will let you save the recipients’ email addresses as well. This is handy where you aren’t the only recipient of an email. The app works well in general, but you may experience occasional slowdowns.

Download Mail Clips From Mac App Store

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