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Websites Cop is a lightweight tool that is able to monitor specified files on your website. If any changes are made on your webpage without your permission (for instance, if a hacker infects your webpage with a malicious code), Websites Cop will send you an email alert and automatically repair the damage by restoring original files. This is quite important in that if the infected files are not repaired, they can affect your webpage’s visitors. The application sends real-time email notifications if someone tries to modify your webpage, and lets you edit set remote directory for each single file and creates logs for errors. Set the application to start with Windows, and it will run quietly in the system tray without cluttering your taskbar.

The program’s interface has three tabs at the top, namely Main, Settings and Notify. To start, add the files to Websites Cop that you would like to monitor. Navigate to the files in the Select Files input field, select your files and click Add File to add them to the monitoring list. When done, hit Start The Sentinel button.

Websites Cop

Once all files are added, provide your website’s FTP details in the Settings tab. Other general settings such as frequency of monitoring files, auto repair modified files, enable/disable background mode, start with windows etc, can also be adjusted here. Set your email address in the Notify tab and enable email notifications to receive emails about any attempts to make changes to your webpage.

Websites Cop Settings

From the File, Settings, Resources, Help and Check For Updates drop down menu’s at the top, you can open/delete logs, open/delete errors, save and load settings and check for updates. A serious drawback of this application is its inability to add multiple files and folders at a time. Websites Cop uses only around 12mb of your systems memory, and works on all versions of Windows.

Download Websites Cop

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