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A weather app can rarely be labeled exciting and unique these days, since there are so many of them available in the iOS App Store, with most of them differing from their competitors only in terms of interface. While SKYE Weather+Photo offers a decent interface too, the app’s real uniqueness lies in the fact that it mixes a bit of photo sharing with weather. You get to provide your own feedback related to weather and can also view weather conditions of the cities most of your friends live in. SKYE lets you overlay the current weather information on any photo, and post it to the app’s network. These photos also act as part of the background for the weather page of your current location.

SKYE iOS Menu  SKYE iOS Settings

If you grant SKYE access to your current location upon the app’s initial launch, you will be taken directly to the weather page for your city. It is also possible to add other places to the app via the search box at the top of the main menu. Without registering for a SKYE account, you can still browse weather details of any place, but signing up is compulsory for viewing and sharing photos related to your area. You can create a SKYE account using an email address, but signing up via Facebook also throws in the benefit of letting you view weather conditions of the cities where your friends live. Once you have logged in, it also becomes possible to change weather units and edit your app profile.

SKYE iOS Weather  SKYE iOS Forecast  SKYE iOS Random Photo

The main page of SKYE shows the current temperature, along with a background that matches the present weather conditions and time. The bottom half has forecasts for the rest of the day, night and the next 24 hours. To leave your own comments regarding the weather, tap the textbox next to the camera icon and choose any tag you want. Tapping the small clock icon at the bottom of the page brings up expected hourly temperatures in graphical form. In case you have multiple locations configured in SKYE, it is possible to quickly switch between them using a vertical swipe on the main screen. Swiping right brings you the whole week’s forecast, while another swipe in the same direction shows a random photo uploaded by any SKYE user in your city.

SKYE iOS Photo Edit  SKYE iOS Photo Details  SKYE iOS Feed

SKYE lets you share existing photos or quickly shoot new a one for the purpose using the camera provided within the app. In both cases, the app asks you to customize the weather information that is to be added to the image. There are several overlay presets, and you get to preview each one before posting the photo. It is also possible to add a tag and a brief description to the image. These photos are saved automatically to the camera roll of your iPhone, thereby making SKYE a worthy alternative of apps like InstaWeather.

To help you discover weather-related images from people in your area, SKYE offers an image feed for each city you add to it. All these photos are public, and you can re-share them over Facebook, Twitter or email.

SKYE Weather+Photo is a free app optimized for iPhone/iPod Touch, and you can grab it the link given below.

Download SKYE Weather+Photo For iOS

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