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It’s been a while since we rounded up the week’s best apps, tips and tweaks as we were committed to creating comprehensive end-of-the-year compilations of the best apps for each platform. Now that 2013 is in full swing, it’s time to focus on weekly compilations again!

Share Short, Looped Video Clips With Vine By Twitter

Vine for iOS  Vine Explore

One of the hottest apps of the week, Vine is an all new social service developed by Twitter, which allows you to share short, looped-like-a-GIF personal video clips on Twitter, Facebook and its own network. It’s a novel idea that could change the way you share moments from daily life online.

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Birdseye Mail Client For iPad Offers A Unique, Visual Overview Of Your Gmail Inbox

Birdseye Mail iPad Inbox

The built-in Mail app on the iPad is good enough for the majority of iPad owners, but folks looking for a more snazzy user interface should definitely check out the new Birdseye Mail  for iPad. This Gmail client comes with the usual set of features you would expect from a mail app, and adds a visually appealing inbox view, which shows email messages in the form of webOS-like cards that can be swiped away. Check out our review from the link below.

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Generate Custom Android Live Wallpapers Using Ditalix

Ditalix-Android-Home  Ditalix-Android-Settings

As an iOS user, one of the things I miss from the days I used an Android smartphone is the ability to set live wallpapers. Ditalix takes things one step further by letting you make your own live wallpapers using a bunch of different options including themes, pixel effects, interaction types, layout settings and more.

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Popular Smartphone Twitter App TweetCaster Now Available As A Desktop Web App


TweetCaster is a powerful third-party app for Twitter on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and now, it is available as a fully-featured web app that offers useful features like filters, muting users or keywords from your timeline, creating and exploring user categories called “slices” and more. Read our detailed review of the web app from the link below.

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Easily Access & Manage iCloud Files With Plain Cloud For OS X

Plain Cloud

This one’s a no-brainer for OS X users that rely on iCloud for syncing files and app states between multiple Apple devices. Instead of navigating to the iCloud folder each time, you simply launch Plain Cloud to see files grouped by apps. It’s so good that we’re hoping Apple includes a feature like this in the next major update to iCloud or OS X.

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“No Hulu Ads” For Chrome Mutes Hulu Ads & Displays Alerts After Ad Intervals

No Hulu Ads

Ads are a major source of income for Hulu, so blocking ads while using the service is a bit of a mean thing to do. Still, if you’re set of ethics is flexible, you can use the “No Hulu Ads” extension for Google Chrome that blacks out the video player and turns off the sound when an ad is being played, and displays a desktop notification when it is over.

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SF Launcher Is A Free, Google Now-Inspired Launcher For Android


Google has really improved at design since they hired Matias Duarte about a couple of years ago. This is most evident in the company’s latest set of apps, such as Gmail, Maps for iOS, and services like Google Now on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google Now has an eye-catching flat look, which forms the basis for the design of the recently released SF Launcher for Android. It’s in alpha state at the moment though, which means it is missing features and that it will likely not be a permanent replacement to more fully-featured launchers like Nova or Apex.

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Milouz Market Offers An App Store-Like Experience For Windows Desktop Applications

Milouz Market

Microsoft has included a Windows Store in Windows 8, but it is missing most legacy apps, meaning it’s far from the ideal app management service we had in mind. You still have to go to the respective developer’s website to download installers, and then go through a tedious installation procedure to ensure bloatware doesn’t get installed automatically. Milouz Market has a large repository of free apps that you can install and update in bulk without going through any of the previously mentioned steps.

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Tonido Lets You View All Your Mac, Linux Or Windows PC Files From A Smartphone Or Another Desktop

Tonido mac

Cloud storage and syncing is all the rage these days, with multiple services like Dropbox, SugarSync, iCloud, Google Drive, SkyDrive vying for your attention. While Tonido does come with syncing, its “Ooh, shiny!” feature is remote file access, which allows you to view ALL files on your desktop PC on a variety of platforms including OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and even the oft-ignored BlackBerry.

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How To Get Classic Start Menu And Disable Start Screen On Windows RT

Start Menu RT

Windows RT-based tablets like the Microsoft Surface can now be jailbroken to allow homebrew apps/tweaks and ported desktop apps to be installed. One such app we’ve come across is Classic Start Menu (formerly Classic Shell), which disables the popularly-hated Start Screen and replaces it with – yes, you guessed it! – the classic Start Menu.

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Listen To The Latest News Articles Read By Real People With Umano For iOS & Android

Umano-Android-Listen  Umano-Android-Notification-Panel

While there are RSS readers out there that come with Text To Speech (TTS) capability, the problem is that the stories are read out by synthesized voices. Umano offers news articles that are read out by real people for a more intimate experience. Great for people who like to go through news during their daily commute!

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APK Leecher Lets You Download Android App APKs From Google Play To Your Windows PC

Real APK Leecher

Android apps are often region-locked, so if you wish to install an app like Google Earth but live outside supported countries, you’ll need to get ahold of its APK and install it manually. Usually a laborious process, Real APK Leecher lets you search for such apps and download their APKs to your PC in a few clicks.

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Create NANDroid Backups And Upload To Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP In One Tap With Orange Backup


Without an iTunes-style backup feature, Android users have to rely on NANDroid backups. These are popularly taken by booting into custom recoveries like ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP, but with an app like Orange Backup, you can take these backups from a lovely user interface and upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP in just one tap! The app even allows you to automate the process by setting a schedule for these backups.

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