Serendip Brings Non-Stop Crowd-Sourced Music Streams To iPhone Share
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Gone are the days when everyone just relied on their phone or iPod’s local music library to listen to songs. With the advent of 3G and easy availability of Wi-Fi at many public places, a lot of us services like SoundCloud and YouTube to stream content on the go. Another advantage of these services is the ease with which you can discover new artists and songs. Serendip combines the concepts of music discovery and social networking with non-stop streaming to provide you with an online radio of sorts curated by your friends and other users of the service. Serendip’s web service has been around for quite a while, but now you can enjoy its personalized audio streams on your iPhone as well. Serendip for iOS has everything that the web variant offers; you can follow friends from your social networks and discover other Serendip users who share your musical taste. The app offers endless streaming, which means you don’t have to keep pulling your phone out of your pocket repeatedly to select the next song.

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To get started, you must link your Twitter or Facebook account with Serendip. The app scans your friend list to see if anyone you know is already using the service. If any such contacts are found, they are automatically added to your ‘Following’ list. The next step is to tell Serendip about your favorite artists. Just perform a search for the desired band or singer, and hit the ‘+’ button next to their name to mark them among your favorites. Based on your choices, Serendip suggests DJs that you should follow. These DJs are just other users of the service who have public profiles.

The main screen of the app features a feed of all the latest shares from your friends and the DJs you are following. If there’s nothing too interesting there, simply tap the top-right button to search for a particular song. To listen to a Serendip user’s entire collection, you can tap their display picture or search for them using the bar provided in the main menu.

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Once you are on a person’s profile, all the songs they have ever ‘Aired’ (Serendip’s term for sharing songs) are visible. You can listen to an individual song by tapping on its tile, or even play their entire playlist by hitting the ‘Play All’ button. Serendip features tracks shared via YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Bandcamp, and an icon located just below the main player in the left corner signifies the source. The app’s audio playback keeps working in the background, making it perfect for lengthy streaming sessions. To award a song or DJ with your approval, hit the ‘RockOn’ button. It is also really easy to re-share a song over Serendip, Facebook and Twitter.

Serendip doesn’t forget all about you after the initial configuration steps; it keeps generating suggestions to help you find more interesting artists and DJs. Just like the service itself, the app is available for free and is a must-have for anyone wishing to discover and stream music in the most convenient manner possible. Serendip is display-optimized for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

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