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Images featuring typography have been rising in popularity quite steadily ever since services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram became huge. This increase in their fame is reflected in the number of iOS apps that let you adorn photos with text to elaborate on them, make a funny meme, or simply add some words of wisdom (or melodrama) over an interesting background. While apps like Overgram, Font Art and InstaWeather offer some pretty neat options, none of them is smart enough to learn from your choices and suggest more relevant designs with the passage of time. Quipio on the other hand, is not limited to Instagram and is fairly smart when it comes to offering suitable designs for any bit of text. It also offers an image search engine of its own, which is perfect for quickly creating memes without having to leave the app. There are a few basic photo filters on hand, and the app places the text on the image quite intelligently. However, you don’t have to rely solely on the app’s default choices, since Quipio offers plenty of options for each photo to suit your needs.

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Although users are not prompted to register and it is possible to create ‘Quips’ without an account, you need to sign up using your email ID in order to interact with other Quipio users. To make the app more social, head to the ‘People’ area in the menu and follow people that you find interesting. This helps keep your ‘Stream’ populated. By default, the Stream page is set to show ‘Fresh’ posts  from all Quipio users, but  you can tap the top of the screen to change this and view shares from only your friends, or ones that are most popular on Quipio. Double-tapping any image from the stream lets you view it in full screen. Registered users can leave their feedback on any photo by hitting the small ‘+’ button. For each photo, you get options to share it, like it or flag it as inappropriate. It is also possible to ‘1UP’ an image, which gets you started with creating your own version of it.

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To create a Quip of your own, you can start by typing the text or selecting a background image. You can also shoot a photo using your camera and use it as the background for your image, by hitting the camera icon on the Stream page. There are just five image effects available in the app, but all of them give pretty decent results. When it comes to text, you can type up to 400 characters, and highlight the words you want to make prominent in the final photo. Words can be highlighted by hitting the bulb icon and then tapping the desired words one-by-one.

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The ‘Preview’ area of Quipio lets you change the original background image by doing an image search in the app, or using an image from your camera roll. Based on these choices, you will be offered various versions of the image and text you have chosen for your Quip. If you like a particular version but want some minor changes in it, tap the first button in the bottom bar. Once you are satisfied with your work, the Quip can be shared via SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook. To share a picture on some other network, simply save it to your photo library and proceed from there. You can also publish your work to Quipio’s own network to garner the admiration of other users and give them the opportunity of 1UP-ing your Quips.

Quipio is a free, iPhone-optimized app. The designs offered by the app really do improve with the passage of time, and Quipio has every chance of becoming a hit in the near future. Grab it from the following link.

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