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There are countless note-taking extensions available for many popular web browsers, but the ones that save and sync your notes across computers usually rely on a third-party service at the back end for the purpose and if you don’t have an account on the service already, you end up having to sign up for it just to be able to sync your notes across different browsers and devices. Some extensions lack a sync feature altogether, and the notes are only accessible from the browser you made them in. Papercuts is a Chrome extension that relies solely on Chrome’s own sync feature to sync the notes you create between different installations of the browser. The notes themselves can be of any length, and each one has it’s own title. Papercuts adds its button next to the URL bar, and lets you work on multiple notes at the same time under different tabs in the extension’s popup window. You can also copy the entire text from a note with just a single click.

Before you start using Papercuts, make sure you have Chrome sync set up and that you have enabled extensions to sync. If you haven’t done so already, just go to Chrome Settings, sign in with your Google account and make extension syncing is enabled. You will have to sign in with the same Google account and keep extension syncing enabled like this on all Chrome installations that you want to access your notes from.

Once done with the sync configuration, you can launch the extension by clicking its button. Tabs are located at the top and multiple notes can be tiled over each other in each tab. A note can also be dragged from one tab to the other. To add a note, click the plus sign at the bottom, while to add a new tab, click the plus sign at the top.The left/right arrows above all notes allows you to move through the different notes you have in a particular tab. The drag icon next to a note label lets you move the note to a different tab. You can drag the corner of a note to resize its text area. The small arrow at the left of each label lets you collapse or expand a note, and the copy icon under it lets you copy the text from that note to your clipboard with one click.

Papercuts tabs

At the bottom, there is a notebook button that will open all your notes and tabs in a separate Chrome tab for a larger UI that’s easier to work with. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to any nine notes from here, though this didn’t seem to work for us in our testing.

Papercuts Options

Next to the notebook button is a cog wheel button that opens Papercuts’ options. The options allow you to select a background color for your notes, and change the width of the popup.

Papercuts Notes Options

Lastly, according to the extension’s feature list, if you select text on a web page and right-click it, you will be able to add it to a note in Papercuts. We did get the option in the context menu, but the feature didn’t work in our testing. However, pasting the contents of any of your notes into a text field using the context menu worked fine.

Papercuts context menu.

Papercuts is ad-supported, but the advertisements appear only when you access the notebook or it’s options, and are quite unobtrusive. You can grab the extension using the link provided below.

Install Papercuts From Chrome Web Store

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