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Note taking apps aren’t rare for OS X, and the default Notes app in Mountain Lion is quite good. It syncs over iCloud, so for little bits of text or information that you want to remember and view on your iOS device, it’s a good option. However, if you’re looking for something that concentrates more on being easily accessible, Moof! Notes is a free Mac app that you should try out. Moof! Notes can be brought to the front in pretty much the same way a Hot Corner is invoked. The app has four active regions on your screen and clicking one of these launches it, displaying a blank note that you can enter text into. The notes are saved in RTF format and collapse to whichever side they were created on. The notes remain open so long as the app is running, making it easy to add more text to them. Notes can also be created by dragging text over an active side of the screen.

When installed, the left and right edges of your screen are the active areas Moof! Notes enables by default. To create your first note, move your mouse to the left or right edge of the screen. Click once to activate the app, and a second time to create the note. Alternatively, if you simply move the mouse along the active edge, you will see the Moof! Notes icon appear. Clicking when it does creates a new note.

Moof! Notes

The notes are stored in the Application Support folder by default, but the location can be changed.  The active notes that open at the top or bottom of the screen can be set to appear above/below the Menu Bar and Dock by selecting/unselecting the ‘Stay below menu bar and above Dock’ options. To edit the active regions/edges of the screen, go to Moof! Notes’ preferences and click ‘Edit Effective Screen Edges’.

Moof! Notes preferences

The screen will black out and the four edges that you can activate Moof! Notes from will be highlighted with buttons. Each button has a checkbox that, when checked, activates that particular edge.

Moof! Notes sides

You can create as many notes as you like at each edge. Notes can be repositioned along any of the screen’s edges or dragged out to the desktop to have them work like any ordinary note taking app does. A note can’t be closed; once you create a note, it will always appear when the app is running. You can, however, delete it or open the folder it’s saved to.

Moof! Notes drag out

Moof! Notes makes excellent use of the Hot Corner concept, but the lack of a note subject/title and the fact that you can’t close a note once you’re done with it is slightly disappointing. Another feature that is sorely missed is a search box. With the lack of note titles, there is no way to quickly find a particular note. The option to search through the text within the notes would be an excellent addition and could make the app exponentially easier to use.

Download Moof! Notes For Mac

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