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When talking of famous and widely followed online brainstroming services, MindMeister is one such name that instantly strikes the mind. Said service has a huge userbase courtesy of its instant mind-mapping capabilities, online sync feature, content-rich map library and an equally effective client for iOS-powered devices. While users from said platform have been benefitting from MindMeisterfor quite sometime, an Android variant of its client has just recently been launched into the Market. Like its iOS counterpart, the Android client of MindMeister supports extensive syncing of maps along with allowing users to create, store and share fully customized mind maps in separate folders, decorate maps with visually rich themes, supplement map content with personalized nodes, fonts, icons, notes, links and tasks and view maps/brainstorming ideas on the go. Details, download links and screenshots to follow.

The MindMeister app for Android, as of now, has been designed to work only on smartphones and not on tablets. You may start using the app by logging in with your existing MindMeister account or avail the in-app registration facility to instantly set up a new account in case you don’t have one.


From the app’s homescreen, you can add/manage your MindMeister folders and the maps therein. Just tap Menu and select from Add map or Add folder accordingly. While long pressing on a folder lets you rename, delete or move it, doing the same for a map lets you check its brief info, share, delete, move it or add/remove it from the favorites list.

For each map, you may add unlimited number of nodes supported with relevant node connections and customize them using various font styles & colors, backgrounds, icons and borders. The app lets you zoom in and out of a map for convenient reading or editing. The add and remove button on the map screen are there to help you easily create and delete nodes while the little square icon on the bottom-left of this screen lets you focus on a selected node by aligning it to the center of the screen.

You can easily reposition each selected node by dragging it to a required area on the map. Adding new node connections is simple too. Just select a target node on the map and tap Menu > Add node connection. To select a custom theme for your map, tap Menu > Pick Theme. Any changes made to a map instantly get synced with the service (that is, if you’re connected to the internet) so that you do not lose progress in case, say, your device runs out of battery.


While on a map, tap Menu > Edit Node extras to add personal Notes, Links and/or Tasks to a particular node. Each task referring to a particular node can be packed with information such as the completion status (in percentage), priority/effort level, start/due date and the person to whom the task has been assigned. On the sharing front, the app lets you send maps in a secure read-only mode via email.


The app, for some unknown reason, force closed a few times during our test-run, especially while adding priorities to a node. Apart from that, the app works fine.


Download MindMeister from the Android Market for free via the provided Market link or QR code.

Create Mind Maps On The Go With The Official MindMeister App For AndroidDownload MindMeister

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