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iPhone-iOS-5-Notification Center Flashlight Prior to iOS 5, iOS treated the iPhone‘s camera LED just as camera LED. But now things are changing and people are realizing that the flash can be more than just a camera support tool. Even Apple seems to have acknowledged that, as now you can use the camera flash as LED notification light if you are on iOS 5. Whatever Apple does, the jailbreak community is never too far behind in taking it one step further. That’s what WeeFlashlight is all about. It is a Cydia tweak which provides users with an LED flashlight that is controllable right from the Notification Center.

The biggest problem here (for now, at least) is that even though you might have upgraded to iOS 5, there is only a tethered jailbreak available for this update as of yet.

WeeFlashLight is present in Cydia’s Big Boss repo. The tweak is pretty simple, and once you have downloaded it, there is no Springboard icon or customizable settings. Simply swipe down at the status bar, and you will see that a new bar has been added to the Notification Center. The bar to control the flashlight will appear at the top. Tap it once, the light comes on, tap it again, and it’s off. Being such a simple tweak, WeeFlashlight is free, so do give it a try as it sure has the potential to replace all other flashlight apps available out there.

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