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CodexCloud is a webapp that intelligently recommends new e-books for you to read, and lets you search, upload and catalog your entire library. It allows you to open e-books on an online reader sporting a nice, landscape mode, and allows automatic wirelesssynchronization with all of your mobile devices - Kindle, iOS and Android. Each book has a brief summary and author info that can help you decide whether you want to read it or not.
CodexCloud has a simple layout, enabling you to efficiently add and search your desired books. A list panel is present to the extreme left of the page, and right above the page are HOME, UPLOAD, BOOKSHELF and SEACRH options. The Lists category has My lists, Recommended to me, Most popular, Most recent and All my uploads. CodexCloud lets you upload books in a only a few simple steps, using either Add by URL, Uploadfrom your computer or use the Mass uploader (.epub only).


Using any of the lists, you can easily add any book to your library using drag & drop. You can also give different names to your lists. The recommended list is populated on the basis of the types of books you read.


You may search books and sort them by Author name, Newest editions or by Title. Once you have added books, you can access them from the My lists or All my uploads option.  Each book has three options linked with it, allowing you to click toset as read, remove the book from the list or open it on an online reader.


As stated above, the online book reader has a landscape mode, making reading  a more worthwhile experience. A small icon is displayed at the top-right corner of the page; use it to navigate to the next page.


You can also configure your mobile devices, which is an added advantage. Once configured, your book lists will be automatically synced to all the linked devices. CodexCloud has compatible applications for iOS, Android and Kindle.


If you are fond of e-books and love reading, then you should definitely try the amazing CodexCloud.

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