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A lot of people thought that if Windows Phone 7 failed to make an impact in the smartphone market, this might spell the end of Microsoft’s mobile adventure. Contrary to this belief though, 2012 saw the announcement and release of Windows Phone 8. While WP8 is pretty much a whole new OS, you can’t say that it is fundamentally different from its predecessor. Unfortunately, even WP8 hasn’t fared significantly better than Mango so far, but that isn’t from lack of trying on the part of its manufacturers and people who develop apps for the Windows Phone Store. During the course of the year, the platform’s app collection grew past the 100,000 mark and is now on its way to even bigger milestones. While some of the releases were rather disappointing, the overall quality of apps in the WP Store definitely seems to have improved compared to what we saw in 2011. Here is a list of the best free Windows Phone apps that were covered here on Addictive Tips in 2012.

1. Skype (The Mango version of Skype was released earlier this year, while Windows Phone 8 came out with native integration of the service)

Skype WP7 Profile  Skype WP7 Call

2. Photosynth (Despite being limited to only high-end devices, Photosynth is a great app; one of the best 360-degree panorama capturing apps out there)

Photosynth WP7 Camera  Photosynth WP7 Featured  Photosynth WP7 Settings

3. Speaktoit Assistant (Customizable talking personal assistant that can fetch videos, images and pages from the web; also capable of performing calculations and managing calendars)

Speaktoit Assistant Welcome  Speaktoit Assistant Translation  Speaktoit Assistant Play

4. Audible (This app was released with the announcement of Windows Phone 8; brings the biggest collection of audiobooks on the planet to Windows Phone)

Audible WP7 Shop  Audible WP7 Excerpt  Audible WP7 News

5. City Lens (This Lumia-exclusive app puts augmented reality to good use. Just point your device’s camera at your surroundings and City Lens displays all hotels, restaurants, malls and other noteworthy places within view.)

City Lens AR

6. LinkedIn (Although Windows Phone has native integration with LinkedIn, its official client is a must-have for all avid users of the social network)

LinkedIn WP7 Menu  LinkedIn WP7 Updates

7. Endomondo (Tracks your workout stats, fitness history and other health-related data, comes incorporated with a music player of its own and can be used offline for a variety of workouts)

Endomondo WP7  Endomondo Workout Summary  Endomondo Map tracking

8. PhotoBeamer (Use your Nokia phone to stream any image onto a computer’s screen by simply scanning a QR code)

PhotoBeamer WP

9. GetThemAll (The only downloader for Windows Phone that works in conjunction with Internet Explorer; lists different media types separately for easy downloading)

GetThemAll WP Main  GetThemAll WP File Manager

10. SilverDict (Lets users add any web dictionary they want to the app’s sources and shows additional details related to searched words including Wikipedia pages)

SilverDict Repo  SilverDict Encyclopedia

11. PayPal (Manage account details and make payments)

PayPal WP7 Account  PayPal WP7 Balance  PayPal WP7 Transaction

12. Vimeo (The famous video hosting service released its official Windows Phone client this year. The app lets you watch and upload videos easily)

Vimeo WP7 Channel  Vimeo WP7 Video

13. CNN (News stories, video and audio feeds from CNN. This official client can also be used to submit your own videos to the news network thanks to the iReport feature)

CNN WP7 Sections  CNN WP7 Articles

14. Bing Translator (Translates almost all major languages of the world by accepting both text, visual and audio input. Everything about this app works offline)

Translator Home  Translator Speak  Translator Camera

15. SaveIt! (Import contacts, videos and photos from other smartphones to a Windows Phone. Also good for creating a backup of your device)

SaveIt! WP Home  SaveIt! WP Restore

16. Square (Creates QR codes out of contact cards and photos so that you can share them with any smartphone)

Square WP7  Square Homepage  Square QR Code

17. Pictomaphone (A photo editor with filters and comprehensive controls for all aspects of the image)

Pictomaphone AdjustmentsPictomaphone EffectsPictomaphone Intensity

18. Bookviser (A customizable ePub reader with a library of free books)

Bookviser WP7  Bookviser Page

19. Palringo (The famous chat client first came out for Windows Phone while it was still in its beta, but it has improved a lot since then. You can use it to share audio clips and images with your friends without having to go through much hassle)

Palringo WP7 Chat  Palringo WP7 Media

20. Box (The official client for cloud storage service Box)

Box WP7 Welcome  Box WP7 Home  Box WP7 File View

21. Viber (If you own a Nokia Windows Phone, Viber can make VoIP calls for you, while for others it can only be used for text chat and quick media sharing)

Viber WP7 Conversations  Viber WP7 Messages  Viber WP7 Image Sharing

22. PrimeTube (YouTube client with a refreshingly new interface and video upload capabilities)

PrimeTube Most Viewed  PrimeTube Categories  PrimeTube Player

23. 7digital (Purchase MP3 songs at a cheaper price than the Windows Phone Store. Also offers free streaming of songs belonging to a variety of genres)

7digital Featured  7digital Player

24. Newser (A news client that lets users register their feedback and reactions for all stories)

Newser Breaking  Newser Superlatives

25. FastMall (Offline indoor maps for all the major shopping malls of the word, complete with deal alerts and navigational help)

FastMall Nearby  FastMall WP7  FastMall Deals

26. Photo Genius (Image effects, stickers and adjustment options can be found in this official Aviary client)

Photo Genius Aviary Editor  Photo Genius Home

27. Markets & Me (Keep a handle on the current stock exchange situation and manage your own portfolio too)

Markets & Me Currencies  Markets & Me Shares  Markets & Me Hub

28. Kaliki (A customizable news client that creates a podcast each day just for you so that you can listen to the latest happenings of your interest. Available for Nokia devices only)

Kaliki Nokia WP7  Kaliki News  Kaliki Clip

29. SoundGecko (Converts any article or RSS feed you want to an audio file so that you can listen to it on the go)

SoundGecko WP7 Popular  SoundGecko WP7 My List  SoundGecko WP7 Options

30. Wolfram Alpha+ (Lets you perform complex calculations and fetches Wolfram Alpha answers to any question)

Wolfram Alpha  Result  Wolfram Alpha  Maths

31. Create Your Game (Lets you design and play your own Windows Phone games)

Create Your Game WP7 Home  Create Your Game WP7 FlowChart  40 Best Windows Phone Apps Of 2012

32. AppDetective (Keeps searching for the apps you really want on Windows Phone and sends out an alert as soon as they are released)

AppDetective Queries  AppDetective New Apps WP7  AppDetective Flase Positives

33. AUPEO! Radio (Music discovery app that learn about your preferences with the passage of time)

AUPEO! Radio Genres  AUPEO! Radio Player  AUPEO! Radio Tuner

34. Trapster (Just like Waze, Trapster is based on user feedback to come up with suggestions for best eating places and other locations)

Trapster WP7  Trapster WP7 Options  Trapster WP7 Settings

35. NickWrite (Get a keyboard with predictive typing and numerous shortcut keys that can let you create lengthy documents very efficiently)

NickWrite Templates  NickWrite Editor

36. Album Flow (Get an iOS-like cover flow view for the music in your Windows Phone library)


37. Wunderlist (To-do list with comprehensive filters and cloud syncing)

Wunderlist WP7 tasks  Wunderlist WP7 Filters  Wunderlist WP7 Details

38. Academic Search (Suggests books and references that can actually help you in writing your thesis or in other educational endeavors)

Academic Research  Academic Research Filters  Academic Research Article

39. Augmented Colors (Just point your phone’s camera at any object and you will see the exact RGB value of its color)

Augmented Colors WP7  40 Best Windows Phone Apps Of 2012

40. Mobizy (A perfect business solution for small business owners. This app lets you manage client details, and can incorporate a database for products, sales and financial records)

Mobizy WP7 Home  Mobizy Prders

Since Windows Phone 8 wasn’t even announced when the year started, you won’t find any distinction between Mango and Apollo apps in the above list. If any of your favorite free Windows Phone apps didn’t make it to our Top 40, use the comments section to let us know.

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