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Until I visited the download page of the newly released Anything After app, I had no idea what a stinger is. Apparently, the scene (or scenes) that appear after and during movie credits have a name, and that is what they’re called. Many movie-goers have a love-hate relationship with stingers. They are surely worth waiting for if you get to see the epilogue of the plot or some bloopers interspersed with the credits. On the other hand, you are likely to be disappointed in most cases since not many movies have stingers, and you are just going to waste your time if you wait for the credits to roll by while everyone else rushes to the parking lot. That’s where Anything After can help you. This app lists stinger alerts for all the movies that are in theaters presently, without throwing any spoilers. You are just informed whether there is anything after the credits, and if it is worth the wait. The app’s content is based on user feedback, and you can contribute to the Anything After community simply by linking your Facebook account with it.

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Since Anything After is designed for people who like watching movies in theaters, only recent releases are listed by the app. You are likely to find the popular titles simply by browsing through the home page but in case the movie is not listed, try using the search bar at the top of the screen. Movies with and without stingers are distinguished by color-coding. The ones with a blue strip next to their name have something after the credits, while a red strip means you should leave your seat as soon as the cast names start rolling on the screen.

While there is no need to go to the movie’s dedicated page if you are just hunting for stingers, you can still visit it for extra information regarding the stinger. Anything After has six standard questions that it asks everyone who wants to provide information about a movie. You will have to tell if you liked the movie on the whole, whether the stinger is worth waiting for, and if was funny or indicative of a sequel. The answers to these questions are shown on each movie’s home page in percentage form.

You don’t need to sign up for an account if you just intend to use Anything After for viewing stinger info. The app is free for a limited time on iOS, and you’ll have to dish out $0.99 for the Android version.

Download Anything After For iOS

Download Anything After For Android

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