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Sharing articles from the web is common enough, but problems arise when sharing particularly long articles from which you are trying to call to attention a particular snippet and it’s lost in the full length of the article. It’s further complicated because you’re trying to provide both context and get a particular point across. Pluck is a Chrome Extension that lets you select the content you share from a web page. The selected content is gathered and added to a new page that Pluck generates with a link to the original page. The page can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via a link. Content, text or images, are selected the same way you select text, i.e., click and drag your mouse over whatever you want to share after activating the extension from its button. The selected content is highlighted in blue and can be previewed before sharing.

Once installed, Pluck adds a P button next to the URL bar that activates the extension. When you want to share something click the button and a bar will appear across the top of the window. You can now start selecting what you want to share from the web page. Once selected, the cursor changes to a small cross when you move it over the selected text. Clicking it in this state will deselect the text/image.

Pluck select content

Once you’ve got everything you want to share selected, click the ‘Preview’ button on the extension’s bar and you will be redirected to a new tab where only the content you selected will be displayed. The extension’s bar will be present at the top, but with different options. A back button will allow you to return to the original page and change the content. If you’re happy with what you’ve got, click either the Facebook or Twitter buttons to share the page, or use the link to share it via email or on chat.


At the bottom of the link you share, there is a link to the original page you clipped the content from.

Pluck source

The good thing about Pluck is that it doesn’t need you to create an account or anything and, also that it works very smoothly. For best results, wait for the page to finish loading before you activate the extension. If you activate it sooner, it might end up taking longer to load. Activate it once the page has finished loading and the Pluck bar appears in the blink of an eye, if not faster.

Install Pluck From Chrome Web Store

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