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Affix is an iOS app that combines task management and Email templates under one roof, creating a tool that can add much convenience to the daily routine of professionals and students alike. The app is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to manage all your tasks by going through labyrinthine menus. You can edit and create new task lists and make entries in them with just a few taps. What’s even better is that Affix uses the Notification Center to list all the important tasks you have to complete. These persistent notifications will stay in the NC until you tap them, thus providing a good way of staying up to date with what needs to be done. Moreover, the app even lets you specify the recipient in mail templates. The interface is quite simple in looks, and a sprinkle of gesture control makes it simple to use as well.

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Upon its first launch, Affix asks its users for their primary email address. If you have it set up on your iPhone, just enter the ID and you won’t even have to key-in the password. To change this primary ID later, simply shake your device while staying on the ‘Templates’ screen. The email information is required to let you create templates and send them to one or more contacts quickly. To create a template, hit the ‘+’ button in the top bar. Each draft consists of a working title (which won’t be sent in the mail), recipient IDs, mail subject and the actual message body. You can keep as many templates in Affix as you want, and sending them is possible simply by tapping the title. The Templates section of the app can also be used to quickly save a note as a draft in your email account. Just write the content in the text bar at the top, hit Done, and your note is saved.

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Task lists are called ‘Buckets’ in Affix. There is just one bucket (named ‘Inbox’) in the app by default, but more can be added by typing a new name in the text bar. Tasks can be created in a similar manner as well. By tapping a task title, you can add extra details to it or rate it as important. Another way of starring a task is by swiping across it to the left. Only starred tasks show up as persistent notifications in NC. As soon as you exit the app, these notifications show up. Just leave them until the task has actually been accomplished and once you have completed a task, simply tap its particular notification to dismiss it. The app will continue displaying notifications for all the other tasks. The notifications will vanish when you open the task but it’ll show up again each time you exit it.

The feature of Affix that merges its two main functionalities is the @ button located next to each bucket’s title. Tapping this symbol lets you export the complete list via email. Another thing you might not discover about the app is its support for multiple themes. Go to the ‘Extras’ tab and you will find that Affix supports a couple of themes to spice things up a bit.

Affix is a paid app for the iPhone and iPod touch that has gone free for a limited time. The app has also been optimized for the iPhone 5.

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