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Coming across good wallpapers for iOS devices is a bit tough, since it’s not only about finding beautiful images; their aspect ratio must match the iPhone’s screen too. You can search the web for wallpapers designed specially for iDevices, but why go through all the trouble when you have something like Seamless for Wallpapers. This app serves the simple purpose of letting you discover new wallpapers for the iPhone. There’s no elaborate categorization system, but the whole concept behind Seamless is to let users browse through the service’s 3 million wallpapers at random. Not only can the images be saved to your device’s camera roll; it’s also possible to share them over Facebook and Twitter from right within the app.

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Seamless is divided into three menus, and that’s why you won’t have to spend any time in learning the app’s use. The most recent wallpapers appear in the ‘Current’ tab. A narrow strip on the main page provides a preview of the full image, while a single tap opens it in its entirety. If none of the images in Current appeal to your aesthetic sense, take a look at the entries of the ‘Popular’ section. The interface of both these tabs is identical; just the selection of wallpapers is different. The refresh button (located in the top-right corner of Popular and Current sections) replaces the currently loaded images with a whole new batch.

The third section of Seamless is ‘Favorite’. Since wallpapers disappear completely when you hit the refresh button, you might want to mark the best ones as your favorites for quick access anytime. This can be done even without opening the picture; simply swipe across the image strip and you are done. A more conventional way of doing things is to open the wallpaper, go to its options and tap the ‘Add to Favorites’ button. If you have your Facebook and Twitter accounts set up on the device, the options to share images over these social networks are visible in the image’s menu as well. As you can probably guess, the same menu also allows you to save images to the camera roll. It is also possible to go to the image’s source page in Safari to learn more about it.

Seamless uses the stock iOS 6 sharing menu, so those of you who still haven’t updated can’t use the app. If you are on the latest iOS version though, Seamless is a must-have. It is optimized for iPod touch and iPhone (including iPhone 5), with no price tag at all.

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