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After a long period of neglect, Tumblr’s iOS client has started receiving updates pretty regularly. The app went native last month, and now it has taken the next big step by becoming optimized for the iPad’s larger screen. The universal app also has a revamped interface and allows you to format your posts more thoroughly now, thanks to the newly added Markdown support. Tumblr got a notification management system in its previous update, but this refresh focuses more on the app’s looks rather than functionality. The change is most evident in the ‘Explore’ tab, which offers a grid-like interface with easy navigation. Since Tumblr is mostly about videos and images, the new interface looks pretty good on the iPad’s large screen. Regular users of Tumblr are sure to find that managing their personal blogs is a lot easier on the iPad version than on iPhone or iPod touch.

Tumblr iPad Explore

The app’s welcome page lists options for registering and signing in. Like all good iPad apps, Tumblr supports both landscape and portrait mode on the tablet. The ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Account’ sections aren’t too different from their iPhone counterparts, but Explore is worth taking a look at. Each tag filed under Explore has a different layout. Images, videos and animations are all listed as parts of the main grid. As was the case in the previous update, GIF animations work even in the previews, without opening them. The search bar located at the top of the screen lets you find keywords and tags that are of interest to you. There is a ‘track’ button next to each search result to keep an eye on changes in the desired categories.

Tumblr iPad Markdown A pet peeve of many Tumblr users has been the service’s lack of Markdown support on iOS. Previously, you could only create new posts in plain text format or by using HTML. In this latest update however, there is a separate Markdown option that can be accessed any time you are creating a new post. This allows you to format each post quickly, without possessing any knowledge of HTML.

Tumblr for iOS looks quite at home on the iPad, but some might consider its interface a bit too simplistic to be worthy of the big screen. If you are using the app on your iPhone or iPod touch, the new update is still worth grabbing to get Markdown support and try out the revamped Explore tab. The app is free and available at the link below.

Download Tumblr For iOS

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