Voxeet Brings Free HD Voice Conferencing To Android iOS Share
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Voxeet is a cross-platform VoIP conferencing app for Windows, Android and iOS that is acknowledged for its high quality voice technology, 3D audiovisual indicators to easily identify the currently speaking participants, and the option to transfer ongoing conferences across devices on-the-go. Besides being a handy voice conferencing tool for individuals and professionals alike, Voxeet happens to be one of the most user-friendly apps of its type. It requires minimal configuration, and its intuitive virtual conference table UI helps you with recognizing and organizing participants to make the experience as close to real life conference as it gets. Once a conference is initiated, you may invite new participants or leave the meeting without interrupting the current setup. You may also initiate a private one-to-one conversation with select participants from within an ongoing conference. In case you’re required to switch locations, you can carry your current conferences along with you without having to disconnect and then redial afresh. More to follow.

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