How To Set One Wallpaper For All OS X Desktop Spaces At Once Share
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First introduced in OS X Lion, Desktop Spaces provide an excellent platform for window management. Since then, the feature has become one of the most popular additions in OS X, though it is considerably limited in some areas. It’s the closest you get to a virtual desktop available system wide, so you won’t see too many complaints. At present, each desktop space operates somewhat independent of the other. You get the same desktop icons no matter which space you’re on, but you can keep windows and apps separate. You can also, by default, make the wallpaper for each space different. This might seem useful, but a fair number of users would prefer the same background across all desktops, and that isn’t possible in two clicks or less in OS X. It lacks any way to change the background for all desktop spaces at once, which is why you might need an app or script for that. We haven’t yet found an app that does so, but a simple script does the trick fairly well. The process of creating the script is simple, but a little lengthy, so we’ll break it down as best as we can to make it easier to follow.

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