TouchPal Keyboard Brings Swype-Like Sliding Text Input To iPhone Share
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TouchPal Keyboard has been a worthy competitor of Swype on Android for quite a long time. Swype might be the more popular of the two, but TouchPal is the first choice of a considerable percentage of Android owners. Swype has been available for iOS via the Cydia store for more than a year, and now, TouchPal has been released for the platform as well. The big news is, however, that TouchPal Keyboard is not limited to Cydia only, since it has been released in the App Store and works with almost all iDevices! Despite being a fresh release, this standalone app does not disappoint one bit. It supports English, German, Spanish and a few other major languages. The word prediction seems to be great, and text exporting options make it a convenient alternative to the default input method.

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