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Ever since the mouse was brought to the masses with the success of Windows, it has had two primary buttons: the left click and the right click. On most mice, these used to be the only buttons before a third one came along with the scroll wheel, increasing the utility of the device specially when reading long documents or browsing lengthy websites. Nowadays, 5 button mice are pretty common, with some specialized ones such as the Razor Naga having as much as 17 buttons. Normal computer usage does not require you to have so many buttons; however, a couple of extra buttons than the regular three can come quite handy when it comes to repetitive tasks. The most common use for the fourth and fifth mouse button is to navigate back and forward in a window. Some mice come with their own software to assign required functions to the extra buttons, but for situations when you don’t have the default software your mouse, there is Mouse Manager. It is an application for Windows that allows you to set almost any combination of keys as the default function on your 4th and 5th mouse buttons.

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