How To Unlock Verizon Galaxy Note II Bootloader Share
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The Verizon Galaxy Note II’s bootloader has been unlocked! Verizon is and has been infamous for locking down all the devices it has to offer but fortunately, Android users have had the support of a massive developer community that is determined to defy all such ridiculous restrictions. Earlier, the DROID DNA from HTC had its shackles broken and now, the Note II has joined the list as well, thanks to recognized developer and XDA’s Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler. Custom recoveries and ROMs like CM 10.1 are now a possibility and luckily, the unlock method isn’t that complicated either, unlike the unlock for the DROID DNA. So if you own the Note II and are yearning for an ‘in your face, Verizon!’ moment, read on after the break!

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