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I personally know a lot of people who haven’t bought an iPhone 5 only because Apple dumped Google Maps in iOS 6. To make matters worse, Apple Maps turned out to be completely inadequate. Only yesterday the story broke out that the Australian Police department has advised people to refrain from using Apple Maps, since they can lead you into serious trouble with their flawed directions. Although Apple fixed the particular bug that caused the Australian outcry, the damage was done. Just when things were looking pretty gloomy for iOS 6 users, Google has come to the rescue! The whispers of something big on the horizon started circulating around the internet a few hours ago and sure enough, we now have Google Maps app for the iPhone. As you would expect, the app is optimized for iPhone 5’s larger display, but unfortunately you will have to wait a bit longer for an iPad version. The app is a huge improvement over the iOS 5 version, and offers turn-by-turn voice guidance, street view and everything else you can hope to find in such a big-name app.

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