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Even though Windows 8 offers a lot more customization options in terms of visuals than the previous versions of Windows, we have still seen many tools such as Custom Tiles Maker, Charms Bar Customizer and Skip Metro Suite that allow us to customize the UI even further. The Lock Screen and Logon Screen are two different interfaces in Windows 8; the former allows you to app view notifications, current time and date, internet connectivity and battery status, while the latter lets you choose an account for logging in to the system. By default, Windows 8 allows you to change the Lock Screen wallpaper (check out our guide here). However, there are no options to tweak the Logon Screen and it’s set to be the same as the background of your Start Screen. In this guide, we will show you how to change the color of the Logon Screen independent of the Start Screen background color, using  a Windows Registry hack.

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