Shazam For iPhone Now Tags Songs While Offline To Identify Them Later Share
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Shazam is the most popular music recognition service out there, and people love using it on their smartphones. If your iOS device is always connected to the internet, you might not have wished for an offline mode in Shazam. Those who often suffer from bad reception or loss of connectivity on the other hand, are sure to appreciate the latest update of the app. The song recognition itself will still require internet access, of course, but the song will not be lost forever when you’re offline; you will just have to wait till the next time your internet connection is active, and Shazam will get to work on it. For all the Google+ users on iOS, Shazam offers a new sharing button on the tag menu. Since all your past discoveries are kept saved within Shazam, the new search feature in the ‘My Tags’ section is pretty useful too.

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