Hide Or Delete All Texts With A Tap In Stock iPhone Messages App Set Auto Reply Print

While there are a lot of third-party SMS apps available in the Cydia store, there aren’t many tweaks that try to enhance the stock Messages app itself. If you are a frequent user of iMessage, or a fan of the stock app’s simplistic interface, you might not be too keen on switching to clients like BiteSMS and GO SMS. Having said that, some of the features on offer in third-party apps do make one envy them. SMSOptions Pro has a nice solution for this dilemma. This new Cydia tweak adds a few very useful options to the stock iOS messaging app. The tweak lets you hide all SMS threads with a single tap, configure automatic replies for incoming messages, and anyone who has ever had to delete all message threads individually before selling an iPhone is sure to appreciate the “Clean All SMS” button.

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