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When working, taking breaks holds high importance to ensure efficiency and productivity. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours can make your eyes water and your head spin, and if you’re as avid a user as I am, you’d know what I mean. Time4Breax is a portable application that notifies you when it is time to take a break, so you don’t over-stress your nerves. It allows you to set the maximum allowed work time, and reminds you if you exceed the limit. If you keep ignoring the notifications, the application will go as far as to automatically shutdown your computer after a specified time limit. Alternatively, you can set break intervals for which you will again be notified. Ignore these notifications and your computer’s screen will be locked, again after a predefined time limit. The timer shows you the total, as well as the current sessions of work and breaks.

On first launch, the application requests you to configure the settings according to your preference. Under the General tab, you can change the application’s language. In Work Time, options are available for setting Max allowed work time per day, time interval between reminders, notification text, and the time interval after which the computer automatically shuts down.

Time4Breax  Settings

Under Pauses tab, you can edit the time span of breaks, interval between break requests, break notification text, and the time after which the application automatically locks the screen.Time4Breax  Settings Pauses

Once done, click Save Settings. A timer will appear on your desktop screen, showing the current session and the total time you have worked. Settings and Time-mode toggle buttons are available on the top left corner.


When going on a break, click on Have a break to start the break timer. It shows you the time of current and total breaks.

Time4Breax Pause Time

Time4Breax is similar to previously-covered Breaker, but Breaker lacks the maximum work time option. This program runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Time4Breax

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