AiCamera Helps Position Your iPhone Just Right For Snapping Photos Share
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It is often said that you need to have steady hands to be a good photographer, but there are times when you just can’t hold your camera straight to get that perfect shot. You might be in a moving vehicle, one of your hands might be busy elsewhere, or perhaps you might just want to make sure that the photo you snapp really is the best possible shot of the scene you are trying to capture. While professional photographers have tripods and a number of other gadgets for keeping their camera steady, iPhone owners can now use the amazing AiCamera app to snap perfectly aligned photos. You might be wondering how a mere app can keep your iPhone from moving during a photography session. Of course, AiCamera can’t do that; it captures an image only when your device is at a perfectly horizontal level, meaning there won’t be any skewed images in your camera roll. Even better, the app isn’t only meant for snapping photos, but for shooting videos as well.

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