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XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file is a self-descriptive markup document that stores data in user-defined tags and transfers the data to required programs, web applications, databases, etc. Unlike HTML  documents which contain data values in pre-defined tags, XML allows users to specify the tags to carry the type of data they want. Many web applications employ XML files to interact with HTML pages, while desktop applications and program APIs use XML to share data with both users and related applications and databases. antillesXML is an all-in-one application to validate XML files against XML Schema, DTD, Schematron file and convert XML into RTF, CSV and PDF format, generate syntax highlighted XML code, create XML schema documentation, assign style sheet (XSL) to XML and execute XSLT style sheets.

antillesXML has MDI based interface, which lets you view the actions being performed and error log file side by side. The main window contains 3 main features, namely, XSL, Validation, and Tools. The XSL feature is geared towards XSL specific file operations. XSLT style sheets execution requires you to specify XML file, XSL stylesheet and target location where executed stylesheet will be saved. Alternatively, you can select an XML folder over which you want stylesheet to be executed. With XSL-FO, you can either transform an XML file or all XML files in a folder into PDF format using a specified stylesheet.

antillesXMl 1

To validate XML files against file types (Schema, Schematron, and DTD file), click Validation followed by required file type from main window. It asks you to specify the source XML file and type of file to validate the XML file against. For instance, if you choose to validate XML against its Schema, specify XSD file to validate XML file against it.

valid schema

Under Tools, you will find 2 converters, namely Word to XML and CSV to XML along with XML syntax highlighting, Hotfolder and XSD documentation tools. To convert the file, enter the source path of file and then choose the output folder. Clicking convert button will start the conversion process. In Statistics window, it shows error logs and result.

xml 2

The XML syntax highlighting lets you generate copy of XML file with syntax highlighted. All you need is to specify the XML file and output location to generate a syntax highlighted XML file in HTML format. The Hotfolder tool enables you to batch transform XML file via specified stylesheet. This comes handy in numerous situations. For example, if you want to streamline the XML style across all the files, specify the Hotfolder, Output folder and then stylesheet (XSL) file which is to be used to apply styles over XML files. Once done, activate the Hotfolder to start observing it for XML files. When you move XML files to Hotfolder, it will immediately transform them using the defined XSL style sheet document and save the resultant files in Output folder.

hotfolder 3

XSD Documentation tool requires specifying the source path of XML Schema Definition file to generate XSD file documentation in HTML format. If it fails to generate the documentation of XSD file, you will need to fix all the errors shown in Statistics window.

XML Schema Documentation - Google Chrome

All in all, antillesXML is a powerful XML file manipulation utility for Windows. If you create, validate and convert XML files using different applications, we recommend antillesXML to perform all these operations from a unified interface. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download antillesXML

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