MINE Is A Modern UI Facebook App For Windows 8 With Feed Customization Share
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Just a couple of days back, we recommended a great third-party Facebook app for Windows 8 and RT to our readers called Facebook Touch. The app looked simple yet very impressive due to its well-optimized touch interface and overall design. Despite that, though, it really lacked the pure Modern UI elements that one would expect from a Windows 8 application, most importantly the tile interface. This is where MINE For Facebook really shines. Not only does its interface look clean and intuitive, but it also boasts the tiled Modern UI that Windows 8 is known for, making it really nice to navigate through. The key feature of MINE is to let you personalize your Facebook feeds in order to keep them well-organized. Furthermore, you can access your timeline, like updates by others, post comments, update your status, add pictures, and check your notifications.

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