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YouTube’s just been given a design overhaul (again) and it’s a definite improvement on the old one. The bar on the left has been improved dramatically and the colors are now close to those you see on Gmail and across other Google services. The abundant black on each page has been replaced with a light grey. The downside to the redesign is that the black backdrop behind the video player is gone, so you’ll have to bring back those extensions for ‘turning off the lights’ like Cinetonic available for both Chrome and Firefox. Other changes to the design include the new expandable menu at the left that allows you to access video categories that you could previously access only from the front page. What’s highly unusual, though, is that the design is left-aligned, and not just a little to the left or a little heavier to the left. It’s pretty much clinging to the left and ruining the otherwise intelligent design. If you’d like to bring it back to being center-aligned, install the Youtube Center Aligned script for Chrome and Firefox.

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